Kenmore has a rich heritage as a Northwest Frontier Harbor. It is important that we reflect with gratitude on the past. The new Kenmore Flag includes components of this rich past, while also looking towards the future.

  • The white capped mountains and evergreen trees continue to remind us of the beautiful Northwest in which our community is situated.
  • The city skyline reflects the future growth of the commercial center.
  • The plane, boats and water depict the vital harbor in our community— a community of activities and services, illustrated by the moving plane, but also a peaceful community in which to live, as represented by the tranquility of the sailboats.
  • The Heron are included because the Heron is the official bird of the City of Kenmore with its Numerous rookeries throughout the City.

A short video synopsis of Kenmore’s history and that of the Kenmore Flag can be found at the following URL. This video was produced by the Kenmore Heritage Society 501c3 with grants from 4Culture of King County:    Kenmore Flag Video synopsis

Kenmore Flags are available for purchase from the Kenmore Heritage Society by request and are available in 3’x5′ for $35.00 and 2’x3′ for $25.00 plus shipping. Email with “Kenmore Flag” in the subject line to arrange payment and delivery. All proceeds benefit Kenmore Heritage Society a 501c3 and it’s mission of preserving and protecting Kenmore’s Heritage.